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We guarantee 100% pass through customs worldwide!

How long it takes to receive my order? 
Your items will be shipped within 48 hours on receipt of your confirmed order and will reach you in 4-10 working days. A tracking number will be provided upon shipment so you can track the status of your package online on respective shipping company tracking website.
Who is your shipping company? 
Our 7 Stars Mirror Image Replica bags will be shipped via EMS, USP, Fedex, DHL, or Hong Kong post within 2~3 days on receipt of your confirmed order along with the payment.
Can I get an urgent/speedy delivery if I pay more for shipping?
We use Fedex shipping method to overseas now.And the Fedex shipping method is the fastest and saftest shipping method already.
What can use for point? 
Point on our site,you can use point to exchange gift, about gift you can view here: /productsGifts.html.
How to get the point?
you can order from our site,then $10 can exchange one point,If your order $360,then you can get 36 point.
what need to attention when use point for gift?
If you order on our site, and the point you will have to use next order.If you just exchange the gift, you will have to pay for the freight, but If you make the order,it will free ship together with your order.every year 0:00 January 1 we will clear the point.
How does the wholesale program work? 
To receive our wholesale pricing,Please contact us.
Can I get one bag as a sample at the wholesale price? 
In order to provide such low prices to our wholesale and drop shipping customers, we cannot provide samples at wholesale prices. Our suggestion is: buy one bag at retail price, if you like the bag and decide to order a larger number of bags the second time, we will reduce the price of your order by the difference between what you paid for the first bag at retail price and the wholesale price.
What is your product guarantee? 
Our no.1 priority is customer satisfaction. Our objective is to ensure our customers are happy with their purchase and the service they receive so you will return to us again and again. We are interested in a long term business relationship based on trust, service, and quality. We work very hard to ensure only the very best quality replica is delivered to all of our customers promptly. We always use top grade materials and pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure customer satisfaction no doubt!
What is your customs guarantee?
Our  shipping takes 8 - 12 working days, guaranteed. This means we guarantee customs clearance and guarantee delivery to your door! 99% of our customers receive their packages free of hassles however; we do understand your concern as a buyer that is why we offer a guarantee to you. If your shipment of replica bags is seized by customs(or lose), and not released within a month, instead of reshipping, we will have your order compensated by refunding you 50% from our sides. Thus we are staking 150% from our sides and yours 50%, for this reason, you can order from us with confidence that your item will arrive to you as promised.
How can I return my items if I am unhappy with them? 
We will send the customers orders items real detail pictures to customers to confirm after we get the payment.If customer not like that item or want to change to other item then we can change for them immediately.After customers confirm them then we will ship them ASAP. So once we ship the package then we don’t accept return or exchange anymore.So if the customers have any questions ,please tell us before we ship the package.Thanks!
Are your bags authentic?
The products that we sell are 7 Stars Mirror Image Replicas, 99% same as the original ones but are not sold or represented as originals. They are for novelty purpose only. We guarantee that they are 100% brand new. Our replica handbags have all of the proper labeling in all the correct places, lining, locks and key set. The bags come with their dust bags, cards and serial numbers. Our products are the exact copy of the real thing. They look and smell just like the real one too.
Do your bags look like the authentic ones?
Our company specializes in replicating designer handbags. All our products are made with the same materials as the original handbags. They are identical in every way right down to the serial numbers embossed on each item. Each handbag comes with all the accessories included in the original item such as tags, straps, etc… The pictures on our site are of a random sampling of our stock. The item you will receive will be identical to the item pictured. Quality is our number one priority. We do not manufacture an item until we have checked the original for all the correct markings and materials. We manufacture our own exclusive replica so we oversee the production of each handmade item. Each item is inspected before shipment to ensure the highest quality standards.
All the pictures that we provide on our website are those of the actual bags you will be receiving, original pictures of our products! This is how we like to do business, in total transparency!
What is drop shipping and what are the benefits of this program? 
Drop shipping allows you to enjoy the benefits of wholesale pricing without having to order items all at once. You can order items one at a time and pay the wholesale a price plus a $30 per address drop shipping fee and the item will be shipped directly to your customers’ door via express guaranteed delivery.
What is the benefit?
That is simple. The more free time you have the more sales you can make. By freeing your resources that are generally spent packing and shipping merchandise, you will be able to increase your sales. The best part is, your customers will never know that the items did not come directly from you. We also will have absolutely no contact with your buyer so you need not worry about that.
How do I participate in the drop shipping program? 
A deposit of $500 is all that is required to begin participating in the drop shipping program. This insures that you are serious about drop shipping our products and not simply trying to get only one bag at our wholesale prices. Each time you place an order, we will deduct that order from your deposit. When your deposit becomes too low to accommodate your order, simply refill your deposit amount.
How do I place an order with my drop shipping account? 
Once you start the drop shipping program, we will provide you with a drop shipping account number. When you order, you will order directly from our website using the same form as you would to place a large order. The only difference is, you will fill in your drop shipping account number as well as the item that you would like to order. We will notify you of your account number after ever order so that you know when you will need to replenish your account.
What payments do you accepts?
We accept Western Union, Money Gram , Bank transfer ,Wise transfer these payment method.
You can read more about western union at 
How much does shipping cost?
Difference country,difference products difference shipping cost.Please place your order online our website,you will can see how much your shipping cost.Thanks.
Are your bags made with real leather? 
All our bags are made with the same materials as their original designer counterpart and are never made of artificial man made PU or plastic material.
Our bags are all made out of different kinds of canvas for different bags… this is a real mixture of leather and manmade material and it has original natural leather handles… just the same material the original bags are made. We never use artificial man made PU plastic leather in our bags. So after receiving our bags and if you feel that the bags are not made of leather and all we cannot make it proved at your end and entertain such claims. So you can first order a sample bag from us and after ensuring about the quality only you can place further orders with us. In short we won’t allow any return or exchange for this reason once bag is delivered to you under any circumstances. The picture/images listed on our site are of those manufactured by us and shipped.
Handles and other strips in cream color are made out of oxidizing cowhide leather that will turn to a honey color over time… and will be of same color just like the originals!
Louis Vuitton: Canvas or Denim and the trim & leather parts are oxidizing cow hide leather.
Fendi, Hermes, Gucci: Respectively treated with required finish, surface, color natural leather.
Can you ship to an address other than the billing address? 
Yes we can, just specify your alternate address in your email message to us.
You don’t have the bag I am looking for; can you source it for me? 
You name it, we got it! Unless it does not exist or never been released in our market. Please send us a picture of the bag you are looking for to
Can I use your photos on my website? 
Although we would like to accommodate all the needs of our customers, we also must maintain the integrity of our website. Photographs are a very important part of our buyer’s decision to use our company. If our photos where to show up on other’s websites, it may make our buyers question the validity of our photos and whether or not they are even ours to begin with. For this reason, we cannot allow the use of our photos on other websites. We can, however, make a recommendation for your own photos. For the best results, take the photos of your items in natural light.
How can I make my own sales? 
You can host a fashion party either at home, on your very own website or sell at shopping sites like, eBay. Please email us at regarding your interest to become a reseller.
We guarantee 99% pass through customs worldwide! 
This being said, we are not responsible for taxes or duties that may be assessed upon delivery.
Each bag and order is coming with? 
Serial and model Numbers,
YKK zippers,
Care booklet,
Invoice (For LV bags, you need to pay an extra USD5 for each)
Important:If you don’t get a reply to your mails or any order related, payment confirmation or even claims mails in maximum of 12 hours, please check your Junk/Bulk/Spam folders if ended up there. If not still found, please kindly mail us back from your other alternative email address as sometimes our mails may be stopped reaching you by spam filters or due to some other reasons to your first given email address. Also kindly mark our email addresses as safe senders to avoid ending or stopped by spam filters to avoid any communication gap in between.